Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Worship Set 10.14.07

Salvation is Here (Hillsong United)
I Will Boast (Baloche)
Amazing to Me (Davis)
Let Your Mercy Rain (Tomlin)
I'm Not Who I Was - solo (Brandon Heath)


thirdfloor thirddoor said...

The Let your Mercy Rain made me think of when I was growing up in West Texas it wouldn't rain - and we'd sing Showers of Blessings and the next day it would rain. Like 100% - no kidding! So I wonder if this is the new Showers of Blessings...since it has been raining and all...ok...maybe not...but it made me think of that.

Thanks for the chat earlier today :)


rhonda varsane said...


Valeri Marler is looking for help to save her Wildife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch.
In addition to a wildlife center, Marler operates the National Bobcat Rescue and Foundation at her 10-acre facility located off of State Highway 34 South of Quinlan located on the Kaufman County line.
Marler’s mother, Kay Bodkin, issued a passionate appeal for help Tuesday by phone while her daughter was experiencing a health issue, and explains her daughter faces imminent loss of the ranch through a complicated set of circumstances.
“Where will all the wildlife go?
Just East of Dallas sets a small 10-acre ranch filled with wild animals who have been brought to The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch from all over the State of Texas which has a dedicated staff of volunteers who help these animals return to the wild,” the news release states, “These animals range from tiny babies whose mother have been killed, to adults who have been injured or displaced in some way.
Most recently, the ranch was recognized for assisting with a bobcat that had been shot in Frisco. The ranch is in jeopardy of losing its property and has become the latest victim of the North Texas Real Estate boom.”
Marler explains after a traumatic yearlong divorce she settled for nothing more than the right to purchase the property on which her Nonprofit Wildlife Center, specializing in bobcats and assisting over 4,000 wild animals annually, had been operating since 2007.
Marler described the difficult mortgage problem. She states she had never received notice of the property “being foreclosed upon or going to auction, no certified letters, and no legal action or warning whatsoever.”
“The injustice in this situation is unfathomable, and the lack of caring for the 150-plus permanent residents and thousands of wild temporary guests of the ranch who will have nowhere to go if a solution cannot be worked out,” states the news release.
Marler is seeking pro-bono legal assistance and said she would have to quickly raise the money to purchase the property with cash at a public auction.
“There are no guarantees we will win the auction, ”states Ms. Marler, “but we must be prepared and do everything within our power to stay on this property as the money to move such a large operation is cost prohibitive and the center will have no choice but to shut down.”
She continues, “We desperately need the public to step up and help us purchase this property so that North Texas has a place for its wild animals to go when they are in need of assistance.”
Marler said the Wildlife Center intakes the majority of the wild animals that are taken to local animal shelters and much of the overflow from independent rehabilitators working out of their homes in the DFW Metroplex.
The center may be contacted through its website or email and by phone at 972-567-3660. her

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