Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weekend Worship Set 1.6.08

Well, it's a brand new year. Which actually means nothing, but it feels good to act like it does. We brought in '08 with a big bonfire in the hills of Arkansas. And being the partier I am, I immediately went to bed.

So how did you bring in the year? And how's '08 shaping up so far?

Here's Lake Pointe's worship set for this past weekend:

We Will Shine (Matt Wheeler)
Salvation is Here (Hillsongs)
Yes You Have (Leeland)
Amazing to Me (Davis)
Unfailing Love (Tomlin)

On the music side of things... I just recently found out that my song "Great is Your Name" is going to be on the new Women of Faith CD coming out this spring, so that's cool! I heard the final mix on it already - sounds really good. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to write another song or not...

See you


Pat Callahan said...

Double-D is back in '08!

Missed you in the blogosphere (and occasionally stealing a set!).


dannyd said...

yeah dude
blogging takes me forever, so when christmas hit i was history...

steal all you want - i won't hesitate to return the favor!

fish said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Used to go to Lakepointe, loved it. I suppose I would be considered part of the "public" you can retreat from. However, when you sit and benefit from the ministry of someone year after year, there is some satifaction in getting a chance to say "thanks" and getting to express how much you enjoy it. So, I thought this might be the appropriate place. Thanks!!!!!!!!! Love what you do!

dannyd said...

hey fish
thanks for the comment! and it's not necessarily the public that we have to retreat from - it's just that the being "on" wherever you go is sometimes exhausting & you have to break from it from time to time. but the whole reason i love doing this so much is the people i get to lead in worship every week.

anyway, thanks - that kind of feedback is always great to hear!

fish said...

More specifically, this is why I think you and Suzanne are great worship leaders: you let the music speak for itself. In a lot of services I've been in, the music pastor speaks before most of the songs, when I think a powerful song, well-done, needs no intro. An artist communicates through the music, not explaining it away before it even begins. With that said, I remember one service when you did actually say a little something. You very rarely did. I felt like it was a scene from Forest Gump when the masses were following him around America and then he stopped to speak and they were all ears. I think (speculation, of course) that the congregation was eager to hear what you had to say because it was from your heart and you didn't jabber on every service. This was unique. (I can't remember what you actually shared, but at the time it was meaningful.) I lead worship from time to time. It's helpful to sit under good examples.

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