Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Texas American Idol

Attention all 4 of my blog readers: make sure you tune in to AI tonight (Wed. 2/13), or at least Tivo it. This kid that's one of my soloists here at Lake Pointe is making his first real appearance. His name is Jason Castro. Very cool guy, and a killer talent. He's had virtually zero air time so far (I think they've been saving him), but tonight he'll start showing up, because they're announcing the final 24. Not that I'm revealing anything... just watch it.

And next Tuesday, Feb. 19, when they start the live stuff, make sure you vote for him. He's a great Christian kid, and could have a strong influence. He's also just the ultimate cool - accidentally - which makes it even better. He comes from a very stable Christian family - grew up here at LP. My wife is his vocal coach, so we're pretty proud already.

Check him out, and vote like crazy! I've posted some pics here that we shot at a coaching/jam session in my office before he left for CA the second time (last week). The girl in the bottom pic is my daughter Emmy.

Lake Pointe Worship Leaders

Jam Session


The Lloyd Family said...

Blog reader #1 of 4 (only because I got here first - not trying to claim to be #1) checking in.

Yes, we have been chuckling at how they have shown 1/2 second clips of him but give him no real airtime.

We had no idea he had tried out, we were just watching one night and recognized him from church. My daughter was quite beside herself to actually KNOW someone. (Using the term KNOW loosely). haha

We are ready to actually see/hear him sing (although we have seen him sing plenty at Lakepointe and agree with you - quite talented).

Funny - a couple of weekends ago, I noticed when he walked into the sanctuary after you had started singing there were people pointing and he wasn't even on stage. A distraction? A bit I guess. =)

Pat Callahan said...

Blog reader #3 here (reader #2 couldn't make it to the party).

We are having a party at our house tonight. We will vote early and often.

Good to see you back in the blogosphere... missed you at re:create.

Chris said...

Man - I'm so glad to know that about him. He is so "accidentally cool" as you put it. We'll be voting.


Lojolauk said...

I found your blog by accident, so you can count me as blog reader #5! It's so nice to hear from someone who actually KNOWS Jason, and how special he is. Thanks for sharing.

Cassidy Spencer said...

Well, it looks like you're going to have more than 4 readers after posting something about Jason Castro! Haha. I don't know if you've noticed, but he's turned into quite the "star" lately. :)

I am a huge fan of his voice and character. I'm so glad to hear from someone who knows him personally. I wish him well!

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