Monday, April 28, 2008

Once a Month

I guess I'm a once-a-month kind of blogger. Apparently my limited wet-ram is only capable of a little processing at a time, and all the other stuff that keeps my life running takes precedence over this blog.

That being said, I'd like to update you on our whole American Idol experience. Our town talks about little else, since our own Jason Castro is still in the running. My wife Suzanne & I went to Hollywood on Mariah Carey week & sat in the audience - right behind Teri Hatcher and Minnie Driver. If you want proof, buy this week's TV Guide & check page 14 (I'm sure the photographer was shooting for me, but Teri Hatcher forced her way into the foreground).

So, after staying 4 nights at the beautiful Hotel Bellesi in Laguna Beach (special thanks to Denny & Leesa Bellesi for the hospitality), we're back in Rockwall TX, land of "vote for Jason." I would love to share some photos and some impressions we had while in beautiful downtown AmericanIdolville, so here you go...

We arrived on Monday, drove down to Laguna Beach in our complimentary Volvo (thanks again to the Bellesis - which looks weird, but that's plural Bellesi. You only use an apostrophe if it's possessive or a contraction, right?). Anyway. We went to the show on Tuesday night, and the thing that struck me was how different it sounds in the house than on TV. I now see why the judges say stuff sometimes that makes you say "What are they smoking?" Because it sounds radically different. I still question whether or not they know what they're talking about, generally, but that's a different post altogether.

Then on Wednesday night we went to the after-party, which is really just a meal at a restaurant where all the contestants & their friends/family that are there that night eat together in a big room. That was pretty cool - I've thrown in a few pix to prove I was really there.

On Thursday we ate lunch with Denny & Leesa on a terrace overlooking the Pacific (torturous), hung out some with Jason & his A&M buddies down at Laguna Beach, and went home on Friday.

So altogether, it was a new & exciting experience, and a fun get-away for Suzanne & me. The Idol contestants were very nice & very normal, and it was cool meeting them. Traffic in LA was ridiculous. The weather was perfect. Laguna Beach was stunning. I know now why so many people want to live in Southern California.

How about it, readers? Can any of you 4 agree with me on this?


Kevin Dooley said...

Looks like a sweet trip. I haven't been out to the left coast in a while, but it definitely had it's plusses when I was there. However I have certain interests that are at odds with certain anti-second amendment laws in California.

Ron Gilleland said...

We were unaware that the two of you were making the trip. It is odd enough to see Jason on our 52" window to the world but Lee and I almost "fell out" when they cut to you guys. Glad to see he is getting some normal people around him during this time. Stay connected to him.
BTW-I blog for my business and having something relevant to say is very hard. You do a good job.

Christina said...

I've never been to California, but my best friend is going to San Fran this summer for an acting class - I'm betting she decides to stay & live there when summer ends.

So, who knows? Maybe I'll get to head out there sometime. :-)

On another note, it was really fun to see ya'll on AI. I rewound and watched ya'lls parts at least 3 or 4 times.

Heather said...

Hi Danny! So, unlike the rest of the local world, I haven't been keeping up with the American Idol stuff so great lately. And like a dork, I googled Jason's name to see what kind of local news I could find out, etc. And then there's this quote from some Redneck Haiku guy...and then another one. Finally after bumping into "redneck haiku" three or four times on the google page, I'm like, what in the world is Redneck Haiku all, out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and there you are! Very cool! By the way, this is Heather Gebhardt from Lake Pointe.
Loved seeing the pictures of your home! WOW, what a dream! So pretty.
Again, cool to see you in the "blog world". Will check back again sometime.

Debbie D. said...

Hey Danny,

I was looking for info on the shooting at the church tonight and redneck haiku popped up - how funny! Cool blog - I have one too but I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on it. Check out

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